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Revolutionizing Small Boat Sailing: An Interview with Derek Ellard of Scruffie Marine

We're thrilled to announce the latest episode of NanoCruising, where we had the pleasure of interviewing Derek Ellard, the innovative founder of Scruffie Marine in Australia. If you’re passionate about small boat sailing, sustainable innovations, and the future of marine design, this episode is a must-listen! The Beginnings of Scruffie Marine Derek takes us on a fascinating journey through the origins of Scruffie Marine, sharing his passion for boat building and the philosophy that drives his unique designs. From humble beginnings to a renowned name in the world of small boats, Derek’s story is both inspiring and enlightening. Innovative Boat Designs We delve into Derek’s design philosophy, exploring the elements that make Scruffie Marine boats stand out. Derek shares stories of adventures, both his own and those of his clients, highlighting the versatility and reliability of his boats. His commitment to creating boats that are easy to launch and sail is truly remarkable. Sustainab
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Introducing the New Nano Cruising Logo: A Fresh Look for Our Adventure-Driven Community

Hello Nano Cruising Enthusiasts! We are thrilled to unveil our brand-new logo, designed to better reflect the spirit and passion of the Nano Cruising community. Our previous logo served us well, but as our podcast and community have grown, we felt it was time for a fresh, professional look that truly captures the essence of what we’re all about. Why the Change? The original logo was a quick creation, meant to get us started on our journey. However, as we’ve evolved and connected with so many of you, it became clear that we needed a design that represented the vibrant and adventurous nature of our community more accurately. We wanted something that conveys professionalism while still being fun and engaging. New Features of the Logo Our new logo brings several key improvements: Clearer Branding: The new design offers a more distinct and recognizable visual identity, making it easier for people to identify Nano Cruising. Better First Impression: The professional design makes a strong in

Sailing the St. Lawrence: Spiro's Adventure from Montreal to Quebec City on a CL16

  In this episode of NanoCruising, we chat with Spiro, an adventurous sailor who undertook an incredible journey from Montreal to Quebec City aboard his trusty CL16, also known as a Wayfarer.    Spiro shares his experiences, challenges, and unforgettable moments from this remarkable voyage. Discover what inspired him to set sail on the St. Lawrence River, the preparation involved, and the insights he gained along the way.    Tune in to hear about his journey and check out his captivating YouTube series documenting the trip. Whether you're an experienced sailor or a curious beginner, Spiro's story is sure to inspire your own nautical adventures. Happy cruising, and as always, Seas Your Own Adventure! -------------------------------------------------------- Show Notes Spiro Sailing Time on YouTube Rogers Barnes' book  " The Dinghy Cruising Companion: Tales and Advice from Sailing a Small Open Boat " is really the bible for dinghy cruisers Sailing To The Edge of Fea

RowCruising Adventures: Lorne Kelly’s Epic Journeys in His Custom-Built RowCruiser

Are you ready to take your sailing adventures to the next level?  This week, we are thrilled to bring you the incredible story of Lorne Kelly, a true adventurer who has taken dinghy cruising to the next level with his custom-built RowCruiser from Angus Boats. Building the RowCruiser Lorne's journey began with a vision: to select and build a versatile and robust small boat that could handle extended trips while providing the comfort of an enclosed sleeping area. The result was the selection of the RowCruiser, a unique vessel resembling a kayak but equipped for long-distance cruising. In our latest podcast episode, Lorne takes us through the meticulous process of building his RowCruiser, sharing insights, challenges, and triumphs along the way. Exploring Canada’s Magnificent Lakes Once his RowCruiser was complete, Lorne embarked on a series of awe-inspiring voyages. He navigated from the vast waters of Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior, experiencing the natural beauty and

Charting Your Course: Insider Tips and Essential Gear with Sailing Kate Louise

Are you ready to take your sailing adventures to the next level?  Join us as we dive into the world of small boat cruising with Paul from Sailing Kate Louise in our latest NanoCruising episode!  In this 2nd episode episode with Kate Louise, Paul shares his expert tips, tricks, and essential gear recommendations to help you navigate the waters and set sail with confidence. From choosing the perfect anchor to optimizing your galley setup, Paul's insights are invaluable for both seasoned sailors and beginners alike.  Discover the secrets to successful cruising as Paul takes us through his own experiences aboard Sailing Kate Louise. Whether you're dreaming of offshore passages or weekend getaways, this blog post has everything you need to chart your course and embark on unforgettable sailing adventures.  Tune in to NanoCruising and unlock the adventure with Sailing Kate Louise.       Seas your own adventure! -------------------------------------------- Show notes Correction:  Torqu

Unveiling the Adventures of Sailing Kate Louise: An Interview with Paul

Are you ready to set sail on a captivating journey into the world of small boat adventures? Join us for an exclusive interview with Paul from the renowned YouTube Channel, Sailing Kate Louise, as we uncover the thrilling tales and incredible escapades behind the helm of his beloved boat. In this illuminating podcast episode, we delve into Paul's background in sailing, his passion for exploration, and the meticulous process of selecting the perfect vessel for his adventures. From the tranquil waters of Australia's inland lakes to the picturesque landscapes surrounding them,, Paul shares his experiences, insights, and favorite destinations for sailing adventures. Discover the magic of Sailing Kate Louise and follow Paul's journey as he navigates the open waters, encounters breathtaking landscapes, and embraces the freedom of life on the water. Whether you're an experienced sailor or an aspiring voyager, this episode offers valuable insights, inspiration, and a glimpse int

Discover Covered Comfort: Exploring Options for Dinghies with Cabins

 Are you ready to elevate your sailing experience to new levels of comfort and convenience? In the latest episode of NanoCruising, we're diving into the world of dinghies with cabins. From cozy weekend getaways to extended expeditions, these covered vessels offer sailors the perfect blend of shelter and adventure on the open water. In this episode, we take a closer look at some of the most popular options for covered dinghies, including the classic Montgomery 15, the versatile Com-Pac 16, and the innovative Paradox. Each vessel has its own unique features and capabilities, providing sailors with a range of options to suit their cruising needs. Whether you're dreaming of exploring remote coastlines, island hopping in tropical paradises, or simply enjoying a leisurely sail on the weekend, there's a covered dinghy out there for you. Join us as we delve into the world of dinghies with cabins and discover the freedom and comfort they offer for sailors of all experience levels. R